Psychodynamic Approach Survey

My results from this assessment were ISTJ where “thinking vs. feeling” was the strongest difference. I believe that this is a good evaluation of my personality type and confirms my own thoughts about psychological matters that I work on changing. In comparison to my coworker, who was ENFP where “feeling vs. thinking” were more prevalent personality traits.

 Psychodynamic Approach Survey

 Instructions: For each of the following eight sentences, rate the degree to which you believe it describes you on a scale of 1 to 6, as described in the key. The sentences are paired in such a way that your ratings for each pair should add up to 7 (e.g., if you rate one sentence with a 3, then the other sentence in the pair should be rated a 4). When you have completed the questionnaire and scoring procedures for yourself, ask someone you know to rate herself or himself. This step is impor­tant because the questionnaire is intended to allow you to compare your personality type to that of another person. Key (True): 6=Always 5=Often 4=Usually 3=Sometimes 2=Rarely 1=Never

 1. I am sociable, outgoing, gregarious, a people person and talkative -3

2. I am reflective, deep, internally focused, an idea person, and quiet -4

3. I am practical, realistic, and factual, and I like details -4

4. I am conceptual, theoretical, future oriented, and a generalist -3

5. I am firm, just, clear, and detached in decision making -5

6. I am humane, harmonious, and subjective, and I like multiple inputs -2

7. I am structured, scheduled, planned, and in control -4

8. I am adaptable, flexible, spontaneous, and open -3


Circle your ratings for each sentence on the following chart.

Sentence 1: Extravert (E) 3

Sentence 2: Introvert (I) 4

Sentence 3: Sensor (S) 4

Sentence 4: Intuitor (N) 3

Sentence 5: Thinker (T) 5

Sentence 6: Feeler (F) 2

Sentence 7: Judger (J) 4

Sentence 8: Perceiver (P) 3

Scoring Interpretation

Your psychological type consists of four out of the eight paired preferences: E or I, S or N, T or F, and J or P. First look at whether your rating for E is higher than for I. If it is higher, then that is part of your type. Based on the scores in the chart above, pick one of the two letters in the following pairs:

Sentences 1-2


Sentences 3-4


Sentences 5-6


Sentences 7-8



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