Case 13.2: Staff Meeting Problems

Chapter 13 discusses the Psychodynamic approach which terms effective leadership as being based on self-awareness and tolerance for the styles and behaviors of others. In this case, general manager Stan Williams is questioning whether his monthly staff meeting for all the key people in his division – four technical specialists, three sales and marketing people and the budget and finance person – is no longer relevant. He is considering the possibility of no longer having staff meetings and, instead, meeting with the technical and marketing staffs separately as these groups show the largest differences in the degree and kinds of participation at the meetings. I think that Stan should read chapter 12 in our book, Team Leadership, and try to implement strategies with the entire department that will help motivate and help the individuals realize that they are part of a team not just members of a department. If Stan truly wants to build a team environment he must recognize that teams need to be given the resources needed to do their jobs and relay to the team that they will be recognized for team accomplishments and they will be rewarded for team performance rather than for individual performances.


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