Case 13.3: Unexpected Reactions

In the psychodynamic approach it is important to be aware of and understand the differences between various people who much work together. What are first irritants or even conflicts may become understandable when on grasps the psychological types or ego state involved. The presumed ultimate benefit is that leaders and followers are better able to tolerate one another. In this case, Maxine Simpson, manager, is having an issue in her group with a recent transfer, Randy. If Maxine is self-aware and tolerant of Randy’s style and behavior then she should be able to manipulate him perform to her expectations. She should note the situations that cause Randy to argue and perhaps check with his previous manager about similar reactions when reporting to him. From a Transactional Analysis approach it appears that Randy’s adult ego state is not being given enough attention so his adapted child ego conforms and adapts to demands while his free child ego state acts out, revealing a uninhibited and unsociable child.


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